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According to a study performed by the American Trucking Associations (ATA), a vehicle wrap on a typical trailer makes 10 million impressions every year. That number increases to 14 million for trailers with reflective graphics and to 16 million for local delivery vans. Another study found that fleet graphics give 101 impressions per mile traveled. With so many opportunities to get eyes on your advertising, adding graphics to fleet trucks or vans can go a long way toward boosting brand recognition.

Vehicle graphics may make a lot of impressions, but the first question on a company’s mind is likely, “What is the cost?” As Duever noted, the cost per impression is typically lower than other forms of advertising. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America cites the cost per impression for vehicle wraps at $0.77 — that’s about a third of the cost of a billboard ($2.18) and a fraction of the cost of a radio ad ($8.61).

Another study conducted by 3M, which measured the advertising effectiveness of fleet graphics on 10 Snapple trucks in two major metropolitan areas, found an average daily effective circulation of 6 million passers-by exposed to each truck. Tim Boxeth, marketing manager — fleet graphics, 3M Graphics, said that makes for a very low cost per impression.

Make your company, product or service larger than life with our vehicle graphics services. Whether you apply your logo to a car wrap from fender to glass, wrap a van in your company colors, or wrap a truck with large, colorful product images, full-vehicle wraps display your messages on every side of your vehicle for maximum visibility. Use car wraps to take your messages on the road, turning your vehicles into rolling billboards that broadcast your brand message everywhere your car goes.


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We offer exceptional quality at competitive rates. From start to finish we will guide you through every step of the process and answer any and all questions you may have regarding your project so there is no confusion. If you are ready to make your vision a reality please don’t hesitate to contact us here at

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  • What happens if my wrap gets damaged?

    There are a few courses of action we can take depending on how your wrap gets damaged, where the damage occurred, and how extensive it is. Worst case scenario, the wrap must be removed entirely, but more than likely we will be able to pull a section of the wrap and replace it with a new piece of film that was left over from your installation. Depending on the design or layout of your wrap and where the damage is located, we may also need to reprint graphics or simply patch a spot in.

  • Do you offer printed, branded, or customized vehicle wraps?

    Printed, branded, and customized vehicle wraps are part of our services. If you already have a design mocked up and simply need to get film printed and applied, or you want us to take it all the way from concept to completion, we would be glad to assist in bringing your personal or company fleet vehicles up to spec.

  • How long does it take to install a vehicle wrap?

    If the wrap is our primary focus, turn around time can be as short as a week or less depending on complexity. Stripes, graphics & accent pieces can typically be completed in 24 – 72 hours, but exterior wraps or full color changes with door jambs will take considerably longer. Since we’re a fully functioning shop with more than just wraps on our plate, installation times will vary depending on the project and when it’s scheduled. If you’re on a deadline or want to expedite your install, just let us know what the time frame is and we’ll factor it in when we set up your appointment.

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